Team Quaker Hill

Spring Break Weekend Vol. II

Potential weekends are currently

5/7/10 - 5/9/10
5/21/10 - 5/23/10

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Potential itinerary  is as follows:

Friday – Support Your “Corp of Engineers” Day

 Central Maine to

West Thompson Lake - North Grosvenordale, CONN

4 hours travel time


West Thompson Lake to

Buffumville Lake - Charlton, MA
25 minutes travel time


Buffumville Lake to

Holliday Inn Express – Auburn, MA

17 minutes travel time


Saturday – “Marshall Street” Day

Holliday In Express to

Maple Hill – Leicester, MA

20 minutes travel time


Maple Hill to

Pyramids – Leicester, MA

5 minutes travel time


Pyramids to

Holliday Inn Express - Auburn, MA

20 minutes travel time


 Sunday – “Tight, Technical and Tylenol” Day

Holliday Inn Express to

Devens DGC – Devens, MA

45 minutes travel time


Devens DGC to

Amesbury Pines – Amesbury, MA

52 minutes travel time


Amesbury Pines to

Central Maine

2 hours and 30 minutes travel time

The End

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